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DBR: Drum - Buffer - Rope

DBR is the TOC solution for production management. It is based on simple rules that are aimed at streamlining and optimizing the flow of goods on the production shop floor. The first rule is quite straight forward and simple - the amount of work that can be processed at any given time on the production floor must not over flood the system. When too much work is available for work, the queues are longer and thus the overall time an order spends on the floor is longer. A new rule for setting the pace of the inflow is introduced, called the DRUM. The ROPE is the mechanism that aligns the release of work with this pace. 


The second rule admits that no matter how much control is placed to monitor the release of work Murphy exists and disruptions to flow will occur, thus mandating a protective mechanism to absorb these fluctuations. This is the BUFFER. Fortunately, the BUFFER has another extremely important attribute, it provides clarity that guides a logical and powerful process of ongoing improvement. 


The combination results with meaningful improvements in lead-times, productivity, on-time performance and cost-effectiveness. 

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