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The world of production is constantly evolving with newer and better technologies being introduced, enabling ever quicker, accurate and efficient processing. In a similar way the tools for managing production are also advancing and nowadays IT solutions for production enable meticulous access and control on each and every aspect of the process. Nevertheless, fulfilling all production orders on time, rapidly and cost effectively remains as big a challenge as it has always been.


What does it take to make it possible to run production facilities so that their reliability is close to perfect, with lead-times extremely short and in this in a cost effective manner?  Is it at all possible? The journey of transforming the production environment towards unprecedented performance is not evident, but by the incorporation of mechanisms, and rules that affect the physical flow on the production floor, the flow can become smoother and smoother. 


These rules are based on the TOC solution - DBR - Drum Buffer Rope that ensures shop floor flow optimization by introducing appropriate rules for controlling the release of work, for determining priorities and for enabling continuous improvement. 


Through a careful adaptation process your production will be transformed so that productivity improves, lead-times shortens and due-date-performance rises. 

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