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Anyone that has ever tried to complete a project so that it meets its budget, time and scope requirements, knows that this is a very challenging task; immediately as you manage to get the project under control handling one issue, a new one is bound to arise, taking it out of control again and the task of completing the project on time, in full and within budget seems to be less and less attainable. This difficulty is meaningfully enhanced in multi-project environments, where in addition to the ‘natural’ difficulties, comes a procedural one – the fight over resources availability.


Is it possible at all to bring a project environment to be highly reliable, highly responsive and cost effective? The answer to this is that it is not at all easy, .  Project environments are an intersection between networks of tasks and a matrix resource organization operating in high uncertainty. Successfully completing all projects depends on effective synchronization.  Yet with appropriate structure, system and rules it is attainable.


These rules are based on the TOC solution - CRITICAL CHAIN that ensures optimized synchronization by introducing appropriate rules for planning the project, controlling project start, determining priorities and for enabling continuous improvement. 


Through a careful adaptation process your NPD/projects organization will be transformed so that productivity improves, lead-times shortens and due-date-performance rises. 



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