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An organization that has better production capabilities (is quicker, more reliable and more efficient), improves its positioning with his market and achieves a meaningful competitive advantage. These advantages can easily be translated to better cash flow, increased sales and improved profitability. Adopting appropriate production management methodology, tools for planning and controlling execution together with a system that triggers continuous improvement will enable performance breakthrough in the short term and long term sustainability. 


In this program the participants will:


  • Acquire tools and methods for multi-dimensional evaluation of the production system as a basis for an improvement program 

  • Get acquainted with JIT, TOC, LEAN and SIX SIGMA methodologies and will understand the conditions under which they are applicable and effective

  • Understand the concepts of flow and the effect flow has on production 

  • Explore the performance measurements and their effective usage

  • Learn how to apply an effective system for continuous improvement


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