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There are many web and non-web sources to learn about TOC, and it is not ou intention here to create yet another one. We would like to explain, in as simple way as possible, what is TOC and why is it an excellent base for achieving outstanding benefits, rapidly. 


TOC is based on the principle that (almost) all entities within one system are interconnected and thus what happens in any one of them will affect the others. Physically the more interconnected the entities are, the less degrees of freedom the system has. This means that changes in this small amount of places will have the most meaningful affect on the system as a whole. Accordingly TOC is a set of tools and solutions for achieving and sustaining meaningful improvements in systems performance. 


The power of TOC stems from two sources; the first the power of focusing resulting from accepting that only a few places embed the power to meaningfully improve performance. The second, the power of adopting a different, out-of-the-box, non-traditional point of view on reality that exposes opportunities that under the common point of view are hidden.


Together TOC allows for rapid and surprising improvements in performance and together with its unique process of ongoing improvement it allows for continuing the improvment endlessly.  

Typical Results

Source: The World of the Theory of Constraints, 

Victoria J. Mabin and Steven J. Balderstone

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