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Supply chains are the enabling vehicle of companies for executing their business strategy. The current volatile and unpredictable reality is reshaping the business world and enhances the necessity of supply chains to become ever more responsive, flexible, efficient and resilient. The competition is shifting from between companies to competition between supply chains. Supply chain leaders, and their organizations are facing new and growing challenges in multiple areas and in the light of this reality of instability they need to re-evaluate, rethink and reinvent their supply chain processes and practices. 


The new supply chain needs to be; Consumer centric, Agile, Lean, Adaptable and Cost effective.  The way for achieving it, is based on the TOC Distribution solution, and the following key components:


  • Collaboration

  • Streamlined Operations

  • Information Technology 

  • Sustainability 


Through a careful adaptation process your supply chain will be transformed so that inventory turns increase while stock-outs diminish and all the supply chain participants and stakeholders are synchronized towards delivering the highest customer/consumer satisfaction. 

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