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In a highly competitive and economically unstable market the common tendency of the customer is to ask for more and pay less. Under these circumstances the challenge of completing projects so that they provide the required deliverable, at the required time and cost effectively is meaningfully enhanced. It seems that the existing knowledge, tools and skills are insufficient and new points of view are required to allow performance breakthrough. 


in this program participants will:


  • Map the challenges in effective project management and how to convert them into milestones for success

  • Acquire tools for minimizing the effects of uncertainty

  • Acquire tools and methods for effective project planning

  • Understand the importance of execution and learn effective tools and methods for enhancing the probability of successful project completion

  • Learn how to manage projects effectively in a multi-project environment where multiple project compete on resources

  • Explore the performance measurements and their effective usage

  • Evaluate the ways improved project performance can be harnessed to improved business performance

  • Learn how to apply an effective system for continuous improvement


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